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ICS map server

An advanced software system designed to build and manage digital cartography
ICS map server is a comprehensive workshop for the production of cartographic files from diverse sources such as:

  • satellite images,

  • aerial photographs,

  • paper maps,

  • etc.

Suitable for all image processing work and digital terrain model files (DTM) it can interface with image processing tools as well as with market-available geographic information system software (GIS).
ICS map server manages cartographic information in various projections and grids. It performs:

  • conversion,

  • geocoding point to point,

  • mosaic generation.

ICS map server performs both manual and automatic extraction of cartographic information,interpolates contour lines in order to produce DTM and allows modification and enhancement of cartographic information.
ICS map server Features

Data creation
ICS map server allows creating 2D and 3D cartographic data from maps or other relevant information:

  • Digital elevation models

  • Image (maps, pictures,...)

  • Ground Occupancy

Import and Export
ICS map server imports and exports cartographic data for ATDI Radio Planning Software:

  • Main DEM Cartographic Formats (DTED, NTF, BIL, ...)

  • Images (BMP, TIFF, Targa, ...).

8 bits functions

  • Palette Editing

  • Cleaning

  • Transformation

8/16 bits functions

  • Geocoding

  • Geoconversion

  • No Data Cleaning

  • Tilling

  • Cutting

  • Resampling

16 bits functions

  • Data extration

  • Contour extraction

  • Clutter extraction

  • Rasterising

  • Quality Checking

  • Interpolation

Standard CartographicWorkShop

  • PCs network

  • Storage

  • Scanner up to A0

  • Printer up to A0


DEMs (Digital Elevation Models) can be imported, exported, fabricated and manipulated.
ICS map server is specially optimized for production of DEM, using strong algorithms for extracting the X, Y, Z information from an existing database (contour extraction, stereo restitution...).

Raster imaging
ICS map server manipulates 256 color raster images produced by the color scanner, or imported form other sources when available. The resulting image can be exported for various applications (TIFF, TGA, BMP). The processed images are used as GIS (Geographic Information System) support or for the generation of other cartographic layers.

Restitution of clutter
ICS map server is optimized for the creation of clutter files. It is able to describe the topographical properties of the ground (vegetation, buildings, growth...). The restitution of such files is easily done in vector format.

ICS map server allows digitalization of map features, directly from aerial photographs. In order to collect accurate measurements from aerial photos, it is necessary to remove geometric distorsions caused by camera tilt, and variations in the unerlying terrain. True Orthorectification uses a high resolution DEM containing an urban scene, to pitch the facades of the buildings vertically, thus creating an orthogonal projection from a radial projection. Without this process, antennas placed at specific coordinates may be on the buildings facade, instead of on the roof.

ICS map server prices (EUR, w/out VAT)

Perpetual license #1: 6 800
Discount on additional license (from license #2): yes/on request
Maintenance and technical support contract extension (from 2nd year): yes/on request
ICS cloud, per month: 252